Responsible Investment for a Rapid and Inclusive Transition

Responsible investment for a rapid and inclusive transition will be the theme running throughout the conference, although there will be many other topics as well including the following Breakout Tracks: 

  • Analyst Track – Deep dives into financial modelling with ESG information and more. 
  • Advisor Track – Tips and tools for retail advisors to incorporate RI into their practice.
  • Institutional Change Management Track – Practical steps and case studies for attendees to lead change within their institutions. 
  • Transition Track – A series of breakouts dedicated to transition finance, scenario analysis and related topics. 
  • Thematic Track – The latest thinking on timely E, S, and G themes and issues.

More topics and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks!

Day 1
08 Jun 2020
Day 2
09 Jun 2020
7:00 am

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Sustainable Finance in Canada: What is the State of Play and What is Next?

In June of 2019, Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance launched a series of recommendations for the federal government to align Canada’s financial system with a sustainable future. In this session, industry...
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Peter Johnson
Barbara Zvan
Roger Beauchemin
10:25 am

Coffee + Exhibition + Wellness Lounge

ESG in Financial Analysis Part One: An Introduction

What is the relationship between ESG analysis and traditional analysis when it comes to identifying both risks and opportunities? What are some of the key ESG factors and data options...
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Sean Cleary

The ABCs of ESG: Introduction to Responsible Investment for Retail Advisors

Responsible investment (RI) has grown very rapidly in recent years, ushering a new wave of concepts, terminology, and acronyms that can be overwhelming for both new and veteran market participants....
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Carol Smith
Shelley Cronin
Mary Robinson
Alicja Brown

Transition Risk Management: Leveraging TCFD and Scenario Analysis

As we shift toward a low-carbon economy, transition risks and related opportunities pose potentially disruptive changes to companies, the economy, and financial markets. The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures...
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Hyewon Kong
Sarah Keyes
Laura Zizzo
Stephanie Maier

Managing Social Risks in the Supply Chain

Coming Soon…
Brent Bergeron
Deepon Nag
Kevin Thomas

Change Management for Next Generation ESG

Many asset owners and managers face challenges on how best to incorporate ESG issues into their investment process – which often requires a shift in mindsets and achieving consensus. To...
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Alison Loat
Erica Coulombe
11:50 am

Networking Lunch

Women in Leadership: The Path to Gender Parity in Canada

Responsible investors have long recognized the need to improve the representation of women on boards and in senior management positions. Despite widespread dialogue and engagement, and mandated “comply and explain”...
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Tanya van Biesen
Camilla Sutton
Barry McInerney

Diversity and Inclusion: Moving Forward on Race, Ethnicity, and Beyond

As of this January 1st, 2020, publicly traded companies governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) are required to disclose their policies and practices related to diversity. Canada is...
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Marina Leacock
Laura McGee
2:50 pm

Coffee + Exhibition + Wellness Lounge

ESG in Financial Analysis Part Two: Master Class

This session is designed for participants that have experience with ESG integration. Through case analyses, the session will dive deep into ESG integration for sector and individual company analysis for...
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Sean Cleary
Aaron Bennett

Advisor Practice Strategies to Meet the Demand for Responsible Investing

The vast majority of individual investors are interested in responsible investments and are looking to their advisors to guide them towards responsible investment options that align with their needs. This...
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Asmita Kanungo

Interactive Sustainability Show – Thinking Bigly: A Guide to Saving the World

A theatre performance-lecture about sustainability and how you, finance and policy can be part of the solution. What reasons do we have to be hopeful in the current crisis moment?...
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Ben Yeoh

The Plastics Crisis: Risks and Opportunities for Investors

Growing consumer awareness of plastic waste, as well as bans on single-use plastics and other regulatory initiatives will have significant implications for companies that rely on plastics and packaging. Leading...
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Andrea Moffat
Emma Lupton
John Coyne
Jackie Daitchman

ESG in Manager Selection & Monitoring

Responsible investors seeking to incorporate ESG factors in their investments often hire external investment managers to implement on their behalf. They need to ensure that the managers have the expertise...
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Karen Lockridge
Marc Cohen

Innovative Technologies to Achieve 1.5°C by 2030

There is a global consensus among climate scientists that, in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must limit the increase in global average temperature to less...
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Martin Grosskopf
5:25 pm


7:00 am

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Transition Leadership: A View from the C-Suite

As a resource-rich nation, Canada faces unique challenges in the context of climate change and the coming energy transition. Leading energy companies know that an energy transition is coming, and...
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Mark Little
Jamie Bonham
10:40 am

Coffee + Exhibition + Wellness Lounge

Portfolio Manager Perspectives: Best Practices in ESG Analysis

The process for integrating ESG analysis into existing investment practices varies among organizations, but best practices are emerging. In this panel, three leading portfolio managers will provide an insider’s perspective...
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Diane Young
Ruth Saldanha
Nicola Fritz
Louise Dudley

Addressing Retail Clients’ Objectives in the Energy Transition

Millions of people marched for climate action in 2019, and many had one message: “Walk away from fossil fuels.” There is a trend towards decarbonizing the economy and investment portfolios,...
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Sucheta Rajagopal
Jean-Phillipe Renaut
Marie-Josée Privyk
Deborah Debas

Transition Reporting: Corporate Disclosure Best Practices

Businesses and investors are increasingly acknowledging the implications of climate change and the associated transition risks. As a result, the need for improved disclosures around transition risks has become apparent....
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Margaret Childe

Compensation Practices for a Sustainable Future

Executive compensation practices are scrutinized for their alignment with business strategy and financial results. Increasingly, discussions about how to align compensation with the company’s ESG performance are gaining more prominence....
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Camille Jovanovic

Change Management for Next Generation Impact Investing

Impact investing in Canada was once characterized by small, private, debt and equity transactions. But many investors have moved their impact investing into all asset classes including public markets, which...
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Marc Foran
Brian Minns
12:05 pm

Networking Lunch

An Investor’s Role in Combating Modern Slavery

Global expectations under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and targets under the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide businesses with expectations and goals to take effective measures...
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Timea E. Nagy
Fiona Reynolds
Nalini Feuilloley

Purpose Revolution: The End of Shareholder Primacy?

In the summer of 2019, the US-based Business Roundtable of 181 CEOs announced that it abandoned the notion of shareholder primacy and replaced it with a new vision that focuses...
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2:50 pm

Coffee + Exhibition + Wellness Lounge

ESG Integration in Real Estate

Investors increasingly see ESG performance as a proxy for good management and a contributing factor to long term value across asset classes. In real estate, robust integration of ESG factors...
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Catherine Marshall
Neil Pegram

Marketing Yourself as an RI Advisor

Coming Soon…
Pablo Fuchs
Tammy Cash

Sustainable Development Goals – Engaging for Impact

Shareholder engagement can be a powerful tool to achieve positive impact and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, strategies and tactics must be carefully constructed to avoid the risks...
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Hasina Razafimahefa
Tytti Kaasinen
Alison Schneider

Building a Leading Edge Engagement Program

By engaging with the companies they own, investors seek to directly influence their strategies to resolve important environmental, social and governance issues. In Canada, engagement is a leading responsible investment...
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Tim Youmans
Michelle de Cordova
Ian Robertson

Stakeholder Dialogues: Towards an Inclusive Transition for Canada

Investors and companies increasingly recognize the need for a rapid transition towards a low carbon economy. But achieving a low carbon economy may not necessarily be “sustainable” if it leads...
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Closing Reception

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