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Day 1
24 Apr 2019
Day 2
25 Apr 2019

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Conference Opening Remarks

The RIA’s Vice Chair and CEO of Addenda, Roger Beauchemin, will deliver opening remarks to kick off the 2019 RIA Conference. The conference will be co-MC’d by RIA CEO Dustyn...
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Sébastien Vallée
Roger Beauchemin
Dustyn Lanz

Artificial Intelligence: Responsible Disruption? (FR)

From Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly. While Hollywood often portrays AI as human-like robots, AI can be utilized for search engine algorithms, autonomous...
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Chadi Habib
David Beauchemin

Keynote: The ‘S’ in ESG: The Role of Investors in Driving Respect for Human Rights (EN)

How and why are investors considering human rights in their investment decisions, and what social risks might we see down the road? In this session, we will hear from Harvard...
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Chris Moran
John Ruggie

Coffee & Networking Break

Climate-Related Financial Disclosures: Putting the TCFD Recommendations into Practice (FR)

Climate change presents significant risks and opportunities, but in 2018 the Canadian Securities Administrators found that investors are largely unsatisfied with climate disclosure practices among Canadian companies. The International Task...
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Elodie Feller
Catherine Jacques-Brissette
Thibaut Millet
Christian Felx

Change Management for Next Generation ESG (EN)

Responsible investing is on the rise, but there are still practical challenges for asset managers and asset owners to fully integrate RI into their institutional cultures. Successful integration of RI...
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Anne-Marie Gagnon
Rob Lake
Andrew Sweeney
Samantha Hill

Changing the Narrative 2.0: How to Engage Retail Clients Around Responsible Investing (EN)

This workshop will address one of the biggest challenges facing advisors around RI today: how to have meaningful, engaging and productive RI conversations with their clients. This session will develop...
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Alicja Brown
Laurie Stephenson
Rosa van den Beemt

ESG Integration in Fixed Income (EN)

ESG integration in fixed income strategies has been a growth area for responsible investing. How do ESG factors influence fixed income risks and returns, and what do investors and managers...
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Trevor David
Hugh Smith
Paul English
Nalini Feuilloley

Lunch and Musical Performance

Join us for plated lunch service and musical performance by the Montréal jazz duo, Gaétan Daigneault.
Gaetan Daigneault

SDGs in Action: How Are We Going to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? (EN)

In 2015, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide a blueprint for an inclusive and sustainable world. But achieving the 17 SDGs is no easy task,...
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Donna Meyer
John Coyne
Chantale Després
Fred Pinto

Conscious Capitalism Keynote Address (EN)

The world is changing in profound ways, creating unprecedented challenges for the planet, the economy, and our society more broadly. To address these challenges, we need to move trillions of...
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Andrew Sweeney
Erika Karp

Coffee & Networking Break

Assessing ESG Factors in Real Estate (FR)

Real estate holds huge appeal for investors seeking long-term stable cashflows and diversification with other asset classes. Investors increasingly see ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance as a proxy for...
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Caroline Bordeaux
Charles van Thiel
Gilles Lavoie
Pierre Pelletier

Low-carbon Transition Scenarios: Exploring Scenario Analysis for Equity Valuations (EN)

The transition to a low-carbon economy could involve disruptive, structural changes in the economy and in financial markets. Investors are faced with many challenges such as data issues and a...
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Janice Noronha
Eli Angen
Jean-Philippe Renaut
Stephanie Maier

To Engage or Exclude? Managing Human Rights Issues in Global Value Chains (EN)

Human rights risks and negative social impacts are, unfortunately, a reality of international business and investment that drive an ever more integrated global value chains. Investor responses to such risk...
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Michelle de Cordova
Georgina Galloway
David Kovick
Jamie Bonham

Taking Impact to the Next Level: Impact Investing in Public Equities (EN)

Impact investing has grown significantly, largely driven by investors who are seeking to use their investments to drive social or environmental outcomes, along with earning a financial return. Until recently,...
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Jory Cohen
Megan Wallingford
Martin Grosskopf
Ian Robertson

Climate Change Governance (FR)

The physical, transition, and liability risks associated with climate change are becoming increasingly apparent for investors. As a result, climate change has emerged as a major corporate governance issue for...
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Daniel Simard
Sophie Lemieux
Sonia Struthers
Bertrand Millot

Desjardins Networking Reception

Join us for cocktails, appetizers and unique live performances including a daring and elegant acrobatic show by the Human Flag Duo and an energizing musical performance by electric violinist, Dr....
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The Human Flag Duo
Dr. Draw
Gregory Chrispin

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks from Luc Fortin, President and CEO of the Montréal Exchange (MX) and Global Head of Trading with TMX Group.
Sébastien Vallée
Luc Fortin
Dustyn Lanz

The Future of Sustainable Finance in Canada: A Discussion with the Expert Panel (FR)

In 2018, the Government of Canada appointed the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance to consult the financial community and make recommendations for aligning Canada’s financial system with a sustainable future....
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Kim Thomassin
Tiff Macklem
Roger Beauchemin

Going Long on ESG: What’s the State of Play, and Where are We Heading? (EN)

In this session, industry pioneer Michael Jantzi will take stock of where we are in 2019 with ESG investing – looking back at what we have achieved and looking forward...
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Heather Cooke
Michael Jantzi

Coffee & Networking Break

SDGs in Practice: Implementing Your SDG-Aligned Strategy (EN)

So, you’ve decided to align your investments with the SDGs, chosen which of the 17 goals to focus on, and are ready to implement your investment strategy. Now you also...
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Erica Barbosa
Nick Henderson
Rosalie Vendette
Max Zehrt

Prosperity For All: Consulting & Collaborating with Indigenous Communities in Canada’s Natural Resource Sector (EN)

The development of natural resources has been vital to Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. It is imperative for this growth to be enjoyed by all stakeholders, including the communities that...
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Linda Coady
Mark Sevestre
Ariane de Vienne
Aaron Bennett

Pricing ESG Risks for Global Credit Markets (EN)

The link between strong ESG performance and better company performance is well-recognized by responsible equity investors. But the implications of ESG performance on issuer credit spreads are complex. In this...
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Jim McMullan
Nicole Martin
Michael Viehs
Nalini Feuilloley

What Do Retail Investors Expect from Responsible Investments? (FR)

A growing wave of retail investors in Canada and around the world are learning about responsible investing and choosing to align their investments with their values. As a result, more...
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Nathalie Levert
Maria Bambara
Deborah Debas
Amr Addas

Lunch Service & Musical Performance

Join us for plated lunch service and musical performance by Montréal Harpist, Myriam Reid.
Myriam Reid

Managing Human Capital to Enhance Shareholder Value (FR)

Almost as a rule, companies consider human capital as their most highly valuable resource. Human capital management is an investment that is critical to a company’s ability to create and...
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Erica Coulombe
Valérie Cecchini
Armelle de Vienne
Olivier Gamache

Women in Leadership: How Can Companies and Investors Accelerate Progress on Gender Parity? (EN)

The business case for women on Boards and in senior leadership roles is compelling: enhanced financial results, heightened innovation, and improved board decision-making are among the benefits that gender diversity...
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Tina Debos
Sherazad Adib
Vicki Bakhshi
Milla Craig

Coffee & Networking Break

The Market for Sustainable Financing: Developments in Green Debt (FR)

The market for green bonds has boomed as governments and corporates scale up low carbon and environmental projects. The labelled bond market has expanded to include sustainability, social and SDG...
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Isabelle Limoges
Simon Senecal
Marc Gauthier
Mabel González

A Just Transition: Catalyzing a Socially Inclusive Energy Transition (EN)

Maintaining a safe global climate requires an unprecedented transition to a low-carbon economy in the 21st century. But fear that a rapid transition means an abrupt loss of livelihood for...
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Jon Mitchell
Julia-Maria Becker
David Wood
Jamie Bonham

The Other “Green” Investment: ESG Risks & Opportunities in Cannabis (EN)

In 2018 Canada became the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis. Legalization wasn’t without controversy however, with one side pointing out the potential dangers and public health concerns, and...
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Krstina Skocic
Steven Fish
Dr. Evan Cole Lewis
Steve Hawkins

Managing Exposure to Cyber Security Risks in the 21st Century (EN)

Cyber security has emerged as a critical governance issue with significant material implications for companies and investors. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Global Risk report, data fraud/ theft...
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Aman Raheja
Catherine McCall
Margaret Childe
David Frazer

The Alpha and Beta of ESG Investing (FR)

As ESG investing has grown in importance, market participants are keen to understand if, and to what extent, ESG asset flows have influenced asset pricing. How do ESG criteria impact...
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Jackie Daitchman
Thierry Roncalli

Closing Remarks

Sébastien Vallée
Dustyn Lanz

Desjardins Closing Reception

Join us for cocktails, appetizers and a musical performance by Benjamin Deschamps Trio, a world-class acoustic jazz trio.
Eric Landry
Benjamin Deschamps

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