10 live and interactive responsible investment webcasts

The RIA Virtual Conference will be a digital version of the same great content that we have been delivering for years. We have converted 10 key sessions from the regular conference into live webcasts, which will run twice per day from June 8th to 12th, with a theme for each day. We will also offer a primer on June 5th for advisors who are new to the field. 

Daily Themes

  • Primer Day – Introduction for Advisors New to RI
  • Day 1 – Opening Day
  • Day 2 – Stewardship
  • Day 3 – Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
  • Day 4 – Analyst Day
  • Day 5 – Retail Advisor Day 


05 Jun 2020
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM (EDT)

An introduction to responsible investment for advisors that are new to the field. This session will be hosted on GoToWebinar and available at no charge. Learn more.

Day 1
08 Jun 2020

RIA Virtual Conference Welcome Address + RIA Leadership Awards

RIA Virtual Conference welcome address and RIA Leadership Award winner announcement from RIA CEO Dustyn Lanz.
Dustyn Lanz

Keynote Session: Resilience and Transition in an Era of Crisis and Uncertainty

The global pandemic has deeply impacted Canada’s economy and our society, highlighting the urgent need for resilience as we adapt to this new reality. As we look ahead to the recovery, Canada must also grapple with the need to transition towards a lower-carbon economy. As a result, transition and resilience...
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Amber Kanwar
Kathleen Taylor
Linda Coady

Sustainable Finance in Canada: What is the State of Play and What is Next?

In June of 2019, Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance launched a series of recommendations for the federal government to align Canada’s financial system with a sustainable future. In this session, industry leaders will explore the state of play one year after the report. What progress has been made, and what barriers remain?...
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Peter Johnson
Barbara Zvan
Milla Craig
Roger Beauchemin
Day 2
09 Jun 2020

Transition Leadership: A View from the C-Suite

As a resource-rich nation, Canada faces unique challenges in the context of climate change and the coming energy transition. Leading energy companies know that an energy transition is coming, and have been ramping up their sustainability commitments as a result. In this session, we will hear from the CEO of...
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Mark Little
Jamie Bonham

Expo Hours

Engage with leading RI product and service providers via live video conference.

An Investor’s Role in Combating Modern Slavery

Global expectations under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and targets under the UN Sustainable Development Goals provide businesses with expectations and goals to take effective measures to combat human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery. Yet, there are an estimated 40 million people in modern slavery....
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Barbara Gosse
Timea E. Nagy
Fiona Reynolds
Nalini Feuilloley
Day 3
10 Jun 2020

Women in Leadership: The Path to Gender Parity in Canada

Responsible investors have long recognized the need to improve the representation of women on boards and in senior management positions. Despite widespread dialogue and engagement, and mandated “comply and explain” disclosures, improvements on this front have been incremental. What needs to change to accelerate action to achieve gender parity in...
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Melissa Sonberg
Tanya van Biesen
Camilla Sutton
Barry McInerney

Diversity and Inclusion: Moving Forward on Race, Ethnicity, and Beyond

As of this January 1st, 2020, publicly traded companies governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) are required to disclose their policies and practices related to diversity. Canada is the first jurisdiction in the world to broaden diversity disclosures to include women as well as Aboriginal peoples, people with...
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Ramandeep Grewal
Marina Leacock
Hyewon Kong
Laura McGee
Day 4
11 Jun 2020

ESG in Financial Analysis Part One: An Introduction

What is the relationship between ESG analysis and traditional analysis when it comes to identifying both risks and opportunities? What are some of the key ESG factors and data options to consider for investment decision making? This introductory session will lay the groundwork for integrating ESG factors into financial modelling....
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Ben Yeoh
Sean Cleary

Expo Hours

Engage with leading RI product and service providers via live video conference.

ESG in Financial Analysis Part Two: Master Class

This session is designed for participants that have experience with ESG integration. Through case analyses, the session will dive deep into ESG integration for sector and individual company analysis for purposes such as investing, credit analysis, and portfolio construction, monitoring and evaluation.
Sean Cleary
Aaron Bennett
Day 5
12 Jun 2020

Advisor Practice Strategies to Meet the Demand for Responsible Investing

The vast majority of individual investors are interested in responsible investments and are looking to their advisors to guide them towards responsible investment options that align with their needs. This creates a challenge for advisors: how to engage clients in meaningful and productive conversations about RI? And how to orient...
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Michael Silicz
Jackie Ramler
Asmita Kanungo

Addressing Retail Clients’ Objectives in the Energy Transition

Millions of people marched for climate action in 2019, and many had one message: “Walk away from fossil fuels.” There is a trend towards decarbonizing the economy and investment portfolios, and fund managers are taking different approaches to tap this trend and manage exposure to climate risk. Some have chosen...
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Sucheta Rajagopal
Jean-Philippe Renaut
Marie-Josée Privyk
Deborah Debas

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